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The Slydini Rings: A Variation by Bill Wisch

Bill Wisch performs Slydini's Linking Rings, March 1976

Original Publication Date: January 1999

I had the pleasure to meet with Karl Fulves quite a few times while he was writing the Slydini books back in the seventies. We would discuss Slydini from time to time and share lots of anecdotes. Karl always had enormous insight in Tony's work.

He briefly mentioned something one day concerning the Slydini Ring Routine that I never forgot.

Karl felt that the opening of the routine was pure genius and could easily stand on it's own as a quick and surefire presentation...WITHOUT ANY KEY AT ALL! He felt that no key or switch was necessary to satisfactorily convey the "essence" of the Linking Rings effect to an audience and that Tony's was the perfect example.

I took Karl's advice one time when I needed a flashy opening at a trade show and needed to incorporate a "linking" premise into my presentation to highlight a product benefit. The results were excellent. There was maximum effect with minimum presentation and hassle. METHOD: Have the rings set up from top to bottom as normal for the regular routine: Single; Three together; Two together; Single, and another Single.

Pick up the eight rings and say whatever you want. Then twirl the rings several times as with the normal routine. Also count the rings out loud dropping each from left hand to right as done in the normal routine.

Take the single with the right hand and, after exhibiting it, slam it against the other seven rings releasing one of the three linked with the left fingers as done in the original routine. Then take the same it...and slam it against the rings again, releasing the second ring of the three together. The effect is that each time you took a single ring and crash-linked it to another ring. This is also identical to the published Slydini routine.

Remove the three linked and hand them out to be examined. Then repeat the same procedure with the two rings linked and hand them out. Now hand out two separate rings to someone, asking them to try it themselves, and lastly, hand out the remaining single for simple examination. You are clean...they are've linked the rings together and there actually is no reason why you need to go any further. Collect the rings, put them aside and go on with your next effect.

Simple? Too simple you may ask? Believe me it works.

You wanted a simple handling and if you want to add humor this routine allows for plenty without becoming too long or complicated in the eyes of the audience. It would be a great opener or fit anywhere in an act.

Personally, I always use Tony's complete routine to close every show. I've made a few changes to suit my style and situation, but the routine, including the figures, is perfect for me. Kids and adults love it equally and the fact that all of the rings are handed out to be examined is the key (no pun intended) factor.

Give it a try and I'd be happy to learn how you make out with it.



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