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During my 52 year career, I have had the honor of lecturing more than 600 times for my fellow colleagues in magic. I am always thrilled to show sleight-of-hand artists, mentalists, and illusionists of all skill levels something they might be able to use in their routines, development or learning.

If your magic club or group is interested in booking me for a lecture, please reach out via phone, email or the contact page. I look forward to serving you!



Bill Wisch was one of Slydini’s long-time students and friends. He is also the only magician who was personally authorized by Slydini to present “the Slydini Lecture” which he did across the country in over 100 locations. Bill has lectured live and online over the past several years and has now completed his lifelong projects of producing DVD’s about Slydini’s Scarves and now about Slydini’s Helicopter Card. At this point in life he has decided to make one last lecture tour, so this will be your last chance to spend personal time with Bill Wisch and learn from the Master. 

Bill Wisch "Slydini Admiration" Tour Summer 2023

Monday June 5 – Boca Raton, FL 
Tuesday June 6 – open, no lecture
Wednesday June 7 – Orlando, FL
Thursday June 8 – Sarasota, FL
Friday June 9 – Monday June 12 – open, no lecture
Tuesday June 13 – Myrtle Beach, SC
Wednesday June 14 – open, no lecture
Thursday June 15 – Atlanta, GA
Friday June 16 – The Villages, FL
Saturday June 17 - Sunday June 18 – open, no lecture
Monday June 19 – Huntsville, AL
Tuesday June 20 – Memphis, TN
Wednesday June 21 – Henderson, KY

Thursday June 22 – Cleveland, OH

Friday June 23 – Dayton, OH
Saturday June 24 – Toledo, OH
Sunday June 25 – open, no lecture
Monday June 26 – Mt. Prospect, IL
Tuesday June 27 – Wednesday July 5 – open, no lectures
Thursday July 6 – Tulsa, OK
Friday July 7 – Sunday July 9 – open, no lectures
Monday July 10 – Lake Charles, LA
Tuesday July 11 – Houston, TX
Wednesday July 12 – Tuesday July 19 – open, no lectures
Wednesday July 19 – Scottsdale, AZ
Thursday July 20 – Tucson, AZ

Friday July 21 - Sunday July 23, open, no lectures

Monday July 24 - Des Moines, IA

Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Helicopter Card DVD
Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knotted Silks
Bill Wisch 2023 Lecture Overview


I am delighted to present my third lecture with Scott Wells entitled “Slydini Admiration- The Final Tour”. During my over 120 lessons with Tony, I grew a great love and admiration not only for Tony as a magician, but as a person and friend. I am honored to present this lecture to try and explain what I admire most about Tony Slydini.


The Helicopter Card Trick is considered by many to be one of the greatest card tricks of all time. I am delighted to feature the Helicopter Card in this lecture. I will perform the entire effect, and then go into specific detail about Phase One, The Slydini Palm and the technique that Slydini had no name for but in my lessons with him he simply called “better than misdirection.” Later, it would come to be named “crossing the gaze.” Knowledge of this technique and its mastery is something that can be applied to nearly all magic of all types with any prop. It is absolutely seminal learning that I am happy to present.


In addition, I will start by performing and explaining my “Killer Set 2” program. This set of four routines builds on the techniques and effects explained in my “Killer Set” that was featured in my 2019 Slydini Inspiration Tour. I have chosen these effects because they floor audiences and they embody the spirit of misdirection, wonder and fun that Slydini inspired in me throughout my 52 year career in magic.


I will also feature several other of my own effects, “A Beautiful Day”, “Mind’s Eye”,  and “Transit Spheres”. Many of these effects feature my own sleights and sleight substitutes including my new “Lay-Down” technique, The Wisch Overhand Shuffle, The Wisch Wedge, my variation of the Herb Zarrow Ghost Knot, as well as many others.


The lecture will run approximately 1.45-2hours and will have no intermission.


Lecture Overview and Contents

Slydini’s Helicopter Card

     - Complete routine performance

     - Phase 1 (Slydini Palm, Card to Fan Technique)

     - Explanation and importance of “Crossing the Gaze”


 Killer Set 2

     - “First Impression”: My new handling and variation of the classic “Righting a Wrong” effect from “Royal Road to Card Magic”.

     - "Symbiotic Shoelace" - My version of the Shoelace Knot with a very magical, surprise ending.

     - "Truth & Dare Routine" - My version of "Fast & Loose", using a rope instead of a chain, that introduces my new and practical

      lay-down technique.

     - “Million to One Chance” – My variation of Brother Hamman’s wonderful effect that matches ten red cards with ten black cards 

     under impossible circumstances. 

“The Slydini Knots” – Performance (as time allows)

Additional Featured Effects:

     -A Beautiful Day- Features the “Slydini Wild Card Turnover” and my new Flushtration Count.

     - Mind’s Eye – A direct and powerful mental routine with a shuffled deck of cards.

     - “Transit Spheres” – A hand to hand marble transportation with a kicker ending.


 - Expect some SURPRISES as well!

"Bill Wisch on Slydini" in partnership with The Magic Word Podcast

On Monday April 13, 2020 Bill Wisch presented one-time only lecture about Slydini in partnership with Scott Wells and The Magic Word Podcast. The lecture included discussion about The Slydini Linking Pins, the Slydini Palm, Bill Wisch Palm Change, and Slydini's Timing Techniques. Bill also demonstrated the Wisch Wedge and its many uses, including what Dai Vernon, Slydini, Charlie Miller, Larry Jennings, Derek Dingle (and many others) called "the most natural double lift." 

On Tuesday May 10, 2022 Bill Wisch presented only his second "virtual lecture" in partnership with Scott Wells and The Magic Word Podcast. The lecture included discussion on Slydini’s Psychological Coins Through, The Slydini Aces, Slydini’s Coins Across ("Gemini Coins”) and "Slydini’s Hindu Delay” as featured in The Slydini Legacy by Bill Wisch. It also served as the launch for Bill's new DVD, "BIll Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knotted Silks."


Please be sure to "like" The Magic Word Podcast Facebook Page at:

Also be sure to subscribe to Scott Wells on Youtube at:

Thank you to Scott Wells and The Magic Word Podcast for making these lectures possible!

Past Lectures

2019 Lecture: "Slydini Inspiration"

Lecture Summary
Approximate Runtime: 1.45-2 hours (no intermission).
Lecture Requirements: One table to perform at, two chairs, a sales table and two bottles of water. 
Lecture content:
  • “The Killer Set”

    • “I.C.A.A.N.” – Impromptu Card At Any Number

    • “Slydini’s Helicopter Card – Standup Version”

    • “One Wonders” – Powerful, new coin sleights in an impromptu, 1 Coin Routine

    • “X Box” – A totally new, card folds itself while inside the box, effect.

  • “The Slydini Knots Routine”

  • Bill’s Creations

    • “Wisch-Craft Overhand Shuffle System”

    • “Wisch Wedge”

    • “The Invisible Die”

    • “The NEW Wisch-Craft Wonder Deck”

    • and more.

Slydini Inspiration Tour Introduction

2019 Lecture Video Clips

Ring Reports and Testimonials - "Slydini Inspiration" 2019-2023

"What more can I say? It was great!"

Scott Wells, Award-Winning magician, creator of "The Magic Word" Podcast and Southern Lecture Tour Coordinator on the "Slydini Inspiration" Lecture in 2019

Magic Word Podcast/Lecture Review with Scott Wells and Bill Wisch in 2012


Collage design: Scott Wells

Ring 211 - Grand Rapids, MI



First Coast Magic – Bob Hutchings Ring

Meets 3rd Tue at Hampton Inn, 4681 Lenoir Ave. S., Jacksonville, FL.

Meetings/Lectures at 7:30 (subject to change).

DR. DAVE COLL, Secretary, Secretary (number redacted for privacy)

E-mail: / Web site:


Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Ring President Dan Joubert made several announcements including our plans to have a holiday party for our members. Dan then introduced our lecturer for the evening, the incomparable Bill Wisch. Bill was selected as the only protégé of Tony Slydini. As such, he is the only student of Slydini’s given the honor to present his magic on his behalf. However, Bill is so much more than an expert on Slydini’s magic. He has invented over thirty sleights, and the large majority of the magic he performs is of his own creation.


Bill Wisch began his lecture with his incredibly deceptive “Impromptu Any Card at Any Number,” a variation of the famous card effect we are all so familiar with. This was one of the most deceptive ACAAN effects we had ever seen, and it truly plays as it sounds. Guest David Buss chose a playing card from a normal unprepared and shuffled deck, the card was shuffled into the deck and Ring Sergeant-at-Arms Laura Buss called out a number between five and forty five (the number thirty-three in this case). The cards were counted and dealt from the top of the deck, and, with no apparent sleight of hand or funny moves, the selected card was found at the thirty-third position! The simple misdirection required to perform this miracle has to be seen to be believed.


Bill then performed a stand-up version of Slydini’s “Helicopter Card,” and followed this with his “Stand-up One Coin Routine.” Most of us have seen more one-coin routines than we care to even think about, but this one is so deceptive and practical, it was a highlight of the lecture for me. And I’m not even a coin guy! His next trick was “Ultimate Card in Box” in which a freely selected and signed playing card was thoroughly

shuffled into the deck, the deck placed into the box and, upon reopening the box, the signed card was found to be folded in the center of the deck. This trick utilized the Wisch Fold, a great alternative to the Mercury Card Fold. Bill fully explained the effects he had just shown us (a set of tricks he simply calls “The Killer Set”), providing tips on the sleights used and incorporating anecdotes about Slydini.


He moved on to one of Slydini’s gems, “Slydini Silks,” in which two silks are unmistakably tied together but magically come apart instantaneously with no apparent effort on the part of the magician. Bill is the world expert on this wonderful silk routine, making it look much easier than the practice it absolutely requires. The next trick was his “Invisible Die” routine, which is actually an extremely fooling card trick. Bill then demonstrated the Slydini Switch by performing a “Torn and Restored Napkin” routine. He showed another napkin trick, the “Standup Paper Balls to Box.” Bill ended his lecture with the “Wisch Craft Wonder Deck,” a specially prepared set of gimmicked cards that allows many different miracles to be performed. He discussed and demonstrated the Wisch Wedge card control technique, an amazingly useful sleight for performing card tricks. It is quite clear that Bill is an extraordinary magician, and one can see why Slydini chose him to perform and teach his magic. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to see and learn from Bill Wisch, protégé of Slydini.                                                       ---David Coll, MD

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 3.45.49 AM.png


Space City Magic Club

Meets 1st. Thu., 7:00pm Madison Christian Church, Hughes Rd., Madison, AL

BRETT BOYER, President / E-mail: (redacted for privacy)


Monday , October 21, 2019


In late October we hosted a lecture by magician Bill Wisch. Bill was an actual student of Slydini and the only magician authorized to tour with Slydini’s lecture. We delighted in the performance of Slydini material, presumably just as the master did it, as well as original magic and sleights by Mr. Wisch.


He opened with his “Killer Set,” a card selection to “Any Number,” “Helicopter Card,” and “One Coin Routine.” “X Box” is another card routine in which the selection appears folded in quarters in the middle of a cased deck. Bill also demonstrated his method for an overhand false shuffle in which you can preserve either the top or bottom stock. His overhand full deck false shuffle is very deceptive: it is just a series of straight cuts, but the movement of the thumb and middle fingers make the sound of shuffling.


His performances of Slydini’s “Knots” and “Balls in Box” routines were worth the price of admission. Mr. Wisch closed the lecture with the “Invisible Die” card routine, based on an effect by Claude Rix. A spectator deals the deck into six piles and then rolls an imaginary die, eliminating packets one at a time. The final packet is also dealt into piles, and the spectator continues eliminating cards until one card remains. This card matches the prediction that has been in view the entire time. Throughout the process, the magician shows eliminated cards to be indifferent.

Overall a great lecture, and so nice to see some classic effects performed by a former student of one of the all-time legends of magic.

RING 93, DUBUQUE, IOWA – Tri-State Magic Club

3rd Sun., 7:00pm, Hy-Vee meeting room, 400 Locust St., Dubuque, Iowa

BOB BEARDSLEY, President, (number redacted for privacy) E-mail: (redacted for privacy)


On Sunday, November 27th, Bill Wisch treated our club to an outstanding lecture. Bill not only demonstrated and taught some terrific magic effects, but also told a number of stories about his early experiences in magic. Bill’s passion and the lecture was truly one from the heart. Bill was honored to be Slydini’s protégé, and was the only student ever sponsored to lecture on his behalf. Almost to the member, it was agreed that the Bill Wisch lecture was one of the best they had ever attended.


Meets 3rd Mon.. each month, 7:00pm. at Mr. Gatti’s in Lake Charles

PERRY VINCENT, President / (number redacted for privacy)

Web site:


Monday, November 11, 2019


Attending the November 11th Bill Wisch lecture were Perry Vincent, Bob Fry, George Mullican, Chip Romero, Robert Vallin, Craig Boudreaux, Scout Semmes Barrilleaux, and George Labove.


Wisch’s lecture was titled Bill Wisch - Slydini Inspiration and he began by performing and explaining what he called his “Killer” set. This is the set that he does whenever he wants to ensure the audience is absolutely killed. These effects were chosen because they floor audiences and he believes they embody the spirit of misdirection, wonder, and fun that Slydini inspired in him throughout his forty-eight year career in magic.


The “Killer” Set included “Impromptu Any Card at Any Number,” his version of “Any Card at Any Number.” It is, to his knowledge, the only version that requires no gimmicked/set-up deck and no props besides a single, standard deck of cards. Slydini’s “Helicopter Card Stand-up Version” is Bill’s stand-up version of the Slydini classic “Helicopter Card.” He believes this version embodies the spirit of the original effect while allowing the performer to do the effect standing up. “My Stand-up One Coin Routine” is his one coin routine that he has performed literally tens of thousands of times and was inspired by Slydini’s seated version. The “Ultimate Card In Box Effect” effect showcases the Wisch Fold and its many uses. In this effect the spectator selects a card, signs it, the card is put back into the deck, the deck is put back into the box, and the card folds itself inside the box!


He then performed and explained the classic, “Slydini Knotted Silk” routine. He chose this routine because it was the first effect he wanted to learn. Slydini told him personally that he was his best student with the knots. Other routines and magic featured in the lecture were The New Wisch-Craft Wonder Deck; a “Double Take Monte” demonstration; The Magic Die (Claude Rix) demonstration; and an explanation of available personal lesson videos including: Wisch-Craft Overhand Shuffle, Any Card at Any Number, and The Wisch Wedge video (which includes a demonstration of Slydini’s “Oil and Water”).                  

                                                                                                                                        ---George Mullican

Ring Reports and Testimonials - "Slydini- The Lecture", 2012-2013

"It was almost as if Tony Slydini’s hands had returned from the grave.”
"The FlashPaper" - Fort Worth, Texas - Magician's Club Newsletter – May 2012

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 6.42.44 AM.png

Additional Testimonials

“Bill, my friend - you put on one of the best lectures I have ever seen….and believe me I have seen sooooooo many !!!”

---- Mickey Silver 

"One of the highlights is his way of performing 'Paper Balls to the Hat (Box)' while standing. I was completely fooled! Bill's stories are also entertaining and instructive. As a side-note: Bill's 'Wisch Wedge' as applied to an 'Oil & Water" routine gives Rene's routine a run for the money. If you get a chance, check out this lecture-session."

 ----Jon Racherbaumer - The Genii Forum (

"This one is a loooong time in get Tony's material, including some things that have never been given out before, by the only student that Tony gave permission, IN WRITING, to teach and lecture about, makes this one lecture that MUST NOT BE MISSED!"

---- Eric Appel, John McNicholas Magic Round Table

“Bill Wisch is the only student that Slydini recommended to lecture his work. I heard Slydini say it many times.”

 ---- Artie Miller, Slydini's long-time friend and final student

If you have any interest in the magic of Slydini, you will find Bill Wisch a source of true insight; if you have any interest in performing fun effects that involve audiences, you will find Bill Wisch to have a treasure-trove of them that he willingly shares.                              

----Pat Farenga

"I was lucky enough to catch Bills lecture in Las Vegas and I must honestly say that it was definitely one of the best lectures I have seen in years. Not only is he a top rate magician but he is truly a very nice and classy person who will go out of his way to be as helpful as possible." 

---- Jack Gallardo III

"No matter what style of magic you perform, after attending a Bill Wisch lecture, you will become a better performer and thinker of magic.'

---- Chris Kavanaugh

"I do not usually make comments but this is one time I have to. If you missed last night's lecture than you missed one of the VERY BEST lectures ever in Austin. Bill Wisch is a gentleman and scholar and a darn impressive magician. His stories about Slydini were mesmerizing as well as entertaining. His card work was a joy to watch and make any non-cardican want to grab a deck and start learning. Thanks to IBM Ring 60 and JD (and the boartd) for bring Bill Wisch in. This will be a difficult lecture to top in the future."

---- Carl Seagren, Austin, TX


"The lectures [in Houston] are almost always excellent but I thought this one was particularly good. Most lectures concentrate on skills and effects. This lecture had a lot of that material too, but used it to tell the story of a magician who was one of the most influential figures in modern magic. I walked away thinking about the way the Slydini techniques could be used to enhance the magic I already perform and am eager to try and create some things using the techniques and ideas that Bill shared with us at the lecture. This is something that every magician would benefit from seeing."

---- Ed Cotham, Houston, TX

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