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“The reason that I am recommending him to you is because I have confidence that he will please you with success.

- Tony Slydini, one of the two greatest sleight of hand magicians of the 20th century


Thank you for your interest in my magic. You are hiring the best magician available in the New Jersey (NJ) / New York (NY) / Pennsylvania (PA) area. My peers consider me one of the finest and best sleight of hand artists in the world.

I am the only magician that my mentor and teacher, Tony Slydini, ever sponsored to perform or lecture his magic. I take immense pride in my 52 years of doing magic full-time for thousands of audiences, events and occasions.


My performances are clean, elegant and original; the majority of magic featured is of my own creation. No copycat, cookie-cutter, stereotypical or "store bought" magic here. Designed for the most discriminating of audiences my performance style is congenial with quick witted humor. My magic is memorable, refined and sophisticated. I excel in entertaining at cocktail hours, catered events, hospitality suites, festivals, fairs, grand openings, corporate meetings, holiday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and private house parties. I guarantee everyone at your event will laugh, be entertained, amazed and most importantly, have fun!


Thank you again and I look forward to serving you!

In magic,



Walk Around Strolling Magic

This style of magic is my specialty and I consider it to be an art-form. I've been told countless times that my artistic style of close-up walk around magic has been the talk of the event.  

I will walk around entertaining your guests with sleight of hand magic that most magicians can only do when seated. I use a variety of props (cards, coins, ropes, scarves, etc) to bring to life the true art of magic.

It is ideal for conventions, trade shows, holiday parties, hospitality suites, banquets and any other event.

Bill Wisch performs a close-up routine involving coins of all denominations. Filmed at Hollywood's Magic Castle, September 2009. 

Cabaret/Stage Show

My show has been called "poetry in motion" by my peers and caters to audiences who only want the most elegant and mystifying magic. No stereotypical magic; only humor, elegance and artistry.


I combine stand-up magical elements with crowd participation. The first segment is done to music with the remainder of the act composed of various stylish and impressive effects. The entire act can run (depending upon client need) from 15 minutes to 1 hr in length. 

Bill Wisch performs Tony Slydini's famous "Paper Balls Over the Head" in his stage act. Filmed at "The Cameo" in Garfield, NJ in 1987.

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