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All of my products are designed to offer exceptional value. Each item is handmade and all DVDs are signed personally by me. Paypal is our method of payment. Thank you for your business and for your support of my magic. 

Bill Wisch Products


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Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Helicopter Card

“One day you will show others how this beautiful magic should be done.” - Tony Slydini on Bill Wisch

Slydini’s Helicopter Card is considered by many to be one of the greatest card effects ever invented. In this DVD, Bill Wisch teaches for the first time the Helicopter Card Trick exactly as it was taught to him by Slydini. Bill is Tony Slydini’s only authorized and sponsored protege. He is the only person that Slydini gave permission to lecture on Slydini’s original routines and techniques. 

This DVD features an entire performance of the effect, a detailed explanation of all three phases and a bonus phase of the routine. Bill also shares his personal insights on what Slydini called “more natural than natural” and has become known as “crossing the gaze.” Multiple camera angles are used. Secrets and methods that were not included in the Slydini books are also included. Runs approx 55 minutes and 6 seconds. 

Table of Contents

Complete Routine Performance

Explanation of Basic Routine

       - Who Can You Perform This Effect For?

       - Proper Angles To Perform The Effect

       - Audience Management Insights

       - Overview of Page 49 From Slydini Book

       - Slydini Palm Demonstration/Explanation

Phase 1

        False Placement of Card in Fan

       - Full Speed

       - Slo Motion

       - Reverse Angle Full Speed

       - Breakdown of Moves (Step By Step)

       - From Above Angle

       - Slo Motion From Above Angle

       - Third Angle

        Index Finger Card Clip

       - Explanation

       - In Real Time

       - Slo Motion

       Crossing The Gaze

       - Overview

       - Technical Timing/Beat Explanation

       - What Makes It Such a Strong Technique

       - Real Time Demonstration

       - Additional Insights (Not Explained In 

         Fulves Books

       - Positioning of The Fan

       - Spectator View

       Phase 1 Complete (Spectator View)
Phase 2

       - Slydini Palm/False Insertion

       - Beat Explanation

       - Performer's Angle

       - Phase 2 Demonstration

Phase 3


       - The "Double Tap" (Not In Fulves Books)

       - Imp Pass (Rear Angle)

       - Double Tap (Rear Angle)

Bonus Phase

       Palm Change

       - Irv Weiner's Simplicity Jog Variation Number 1

       - Real Time Demonstration

       - Demonstration of Bonus Phase

       - Multiple Variations Utilizing Palm Change

Bonus Extra: Slydini Tapes Overview

"I was at a gig where Bill Wisch was also performing. After the gig was over, we were chatting with one of the bosses. I asked Bill to perform The Helicopter Card. Needless to say, the boss was thrown for a loop--mouth open and gasping for breath." - Paul Green

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Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knotted Silks

"Out of all the students I've taught the knots, you do it the best." - Tony Slydini on Bill Wisch


Slydini's Knotted Silks routine is one of the most legendary routines in the history of magic. In this 2 DVD set, Bill Wisch teaches for the first time, this routine, the Houdini Knots and the Silks and Glasses routine with his own variations and additions. Bill is Tony Slydini's only authorized and sponsored protege. He is the only person that Slydini gave permission to lecture on Slydini's original routines and techniques. Slydini himself told Bill Wisch that, "Out of all the students I've taught the knots, you do it the best." 


This lesson features the basic Slydini Knots routine, the Houdini Knots and the Silks and Glasses routine. Multiple camera angles are used and every possible aspect of these routines is discussed in-depth. Secrets and methods that were not included in the Slydini books are also included.  Runs approx 1hr and 50 minutes.  

Table of Contents Disc 1:

       Slydini Knots

Explanation of Basic Routine
       Welcome to The Lecture
               Types of Scarves
               Types of material used
                Using Green and White for Clarity
                Why did Slydini use white?                                                  Can other colors be used?
        Basic Knot explanation
        Reverse Camera Angle (Performers View)
        Basic Moves In depth
        Second Finger Action
        Second Finger Action Another Look
        Second Finger Action Performers View
        Common Problems And Mistakes
        Showing Both Sides of the Knot
        The secret to pulling the scarf the rest of the way                      through (not in the Slydini books)
        Un-setting Knot Moves
        Granny Knot
        Square Knot

How to loosen a tight knot       

Handling The Knot at The End       

Types of Spectators       

As a walk Around Effect       

Splitting the knot       

Loosening Tight Knot       

Double Overhand Knot


Table of contents Disc 2

      Houdini Knots
      Silks and Glasses
      Silks and Glasses Performance 2

      Houdini Silks 
          Houdini Silks Performers View
          Thumb Placement
      Silks and Glasses
           New Method for Ending                  
           Types of Glasses Used
           Performers View
      Maintaining Scarves
      In Closing

"Bill Wisch was an amazing lecturer and he is still an amazing lecturer. During the pandemic, he completed his DVD project on the Slydini Silks which I think is an immediate classic and “must have”. Thank you, Bill, for all you have contributed to the magic community." - Scott Wells of The Magic Word Podcast

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Bill Wisch's Killer Set 2
IMG_0005 2.jpg
IMG_0003 3.jpg

This set of six routines builds on the techniques and effects explained in Bill Wisch’s best selling "Killer Set" DVD. Bill has chosen these effects because they floor audiences and they embody the spirit of misdirection, wonder and fun that Slydini inspired in Bill throughout his 52 year career in magic.

 “First Impression”: Bill’s variation of the “Righting a Wrong” effect from “Royal Road to Card Magic.” Features Bill’s new handling and technique of this classic. 

"Symbiotic Shoelace" - Bill’s version of the Shoelace Knot with a very magical, surprise ending.

"Truth & Dare Routine" - Bill’s version of "Fast & Loose", using a rope instead of a chain, that introduces my new and practical lay-down technique.

“Million to One Chance” – Bill’s variation of Brother Hamman’s wonderful effect that matches ten red cards with ten black cards under impossible circumstances. 

“A Beautiful Day”- Features the “Slydini Wild Card Turnover” and Bill’s new Flushtration Count.

“Transit Spheres” – A hand to hand marble transportation with a kicker ending.

Comes with a set of cards for "A Beautiful Day." Runtime approx 1 hour 20 minutes 7 seconds. 
Copyright 2023 Bill Wisch and Wisch-Craft Productions

Example Menu Screens

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Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 7.40.29 AM.jpg
Bill Wisch's Slydini Style, Close-Up, and Cards 3 Volume Video Set
by MYMagic (Meir Yedid)

This 3 Volume Video set by MYMagic (Meir Yedid) has been widely praised and reviewed in the magic community, most notably in the May 2021 Issue of Genii. These will come as three digital files burned to DVD "data" discs that can be played on a DVD player or on your computer. Included in the set are: Bill Wisch's Slydini Style, Bill Wisch's Close-Up Magic and Bill Wisch's Card Magic. A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: 2021 (Recorded in 2004). Running time: Approximately 3-hours and 30-minutes.

Please send Bill an email directly at to inquire about a special price available only from Bill! 

Read the Full Review as published in Genii Magazine in May 2021 by clicking the PDF image. Reviewed by Bill Wells.  

Selected Quotes from Full Review Featured in the May 2021 Issue of Genii Magazine, Pgs 83-85


Bill Wells, Video Reviewer, Genii Magazine

Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, 1983-1984

"Wisch does a masterful job of demonstrating Slydini’s exact movements and techniques."

"A beautiful routine that is almost jazz magic in action."

"This one routine is like a short course in magic."

"As the advertising states, (the video) is a masterclass in timing, rhythm, and direction. These are the three foundations of Slydini’s magic."

From The Vault: Bill Wisch 1992 Convention Lecture Video/DVD

In this newly discovered lecture from 1992, Bill Wisch explains many of the sleights, effects and routines that he has used in his career of more than 50 years as a professional sleight-of-hand working magician. Bill is Tony Slydini's only authorized and sponsored protege. He is the only person that Slydini gave permission to lecture on Slydini's original routines and techniques.


This lecture is jam-packed with over 20 different segments and explanations as outlined below. Also included along the way are several reminiscences and stories about Al Goshman, George Schindler and questions answered from the audience of more than 70 magicians in attendance.


Included in the lecture:

1)Paper money is seemingly found out of nowhere utilizing the element of surprise.

2)The Palm Change- in depth explanation, the background, story of its creation, etc.

3)Irv Weiner's Simplicity Jog Variation Number 1- explanation and performance.

4)Bill's Phan-Pass- explanation and demonstration.

5)Vertical Elmsley count demonstration using the Wisch-Wedge Pulloff. This enables the performer to do a perfect Elmsley count with cards at the chest instead of by the waist.

6)Elmsley count regular display utilizing the Wisch-Wedge Pushoff, six card lift, multiple card lift, etc.

7)Four Ace production routine utilizing the “Wisch-Wedge”.

8)Two very clever variations to the Slydini Coins Through The Table.

9)Creative “one sponge ball” routine utilizing a thumb tip and a zipper purse. Thumb tip techniques and theory is discussed along with creative uses of the arm as a servante for the thumb tip.

10)Bill's own impromptu card levitation aka “Levit-ace-Tion” that utilizes a creative technique to levitate a card with no gimmicks.

11)Bill's “Gravity Fan” which allows the magician to create a beautiful one-handed fan that also has uses in various card effects.

12)Classic Palm demonstration and learning technique. Discussion of beats and off beats.

13)Demonstration of several coin sleights including: Slydini's thumb palm, and Bill's “Undermine” sleight.

14)Bill's “Stick it In Your Ear” Demonstration and explanation.

15)Bill's “The Key Returned” - a variation of Dr. Jaks “The Key” as published in The Phoenix.

16)Bill's version of “Finger Stretching”! You'll love it!

17)Double Lift, Triple Lift, Multiple Lifts utilizing the Wisch-Wedge.

18)Bill's combination of Paul LePaul and Nate Leipzig Double lift.

19)Double Color Change Routine utilizing the Wisch-Wedge with a Triple Lift!
20)Hamman Count Demonstration utilizing the Wisch-Wedge

21)Bill's “Swivel Exchange” Card Force

22)Stand Up “Arm Rest” Positions and Using the Elbow as a Servante Explanation


Runs approx 1hr and 6minutes. High Quality Transfer from VHS. Small tape defect from change of tape at minute mark 50:53-51:05. Product is a "Data" DVD containing two video files of the lecture. One high-quality 2GB video file that is playable on all PC, MAC and most Blu-Ray and DVD Players. One lower-quality video file (810MB) file that is playable on all PC, MAC, Blu-Ray and most DVD Players. You can choose to play the files on your computer, or you can choose to play them in your Blu-Ray/DVD Drive. Please select to view "videos" as the type of media when disc is inserted into player. Please try to ensure compatibility before purchase if you want to view on a DVD Player that is very old.

From The Vault: Bill Wisch "Sleights" 2009 Lecture DVD/Video

In this new lecture from "The Vault" Bill Wisch presents his new lecture entitled "Sleights" for the John McNicholas Magician's Round Table on February 11, 2009.  Bill Wisch explains and discusses how learning sleights that are "home-grown" is what he believes is one of the keys to any magician being both confident and really enjoying their magic. Bill's career spans more than 50 years as a working full-time sleight of hand magician and is the creator of more than 30 original sleights. Bill is Tony Slydini's only authorized and sponsored protege. He is the only person that Slydini gave permission to lecture on Slydini's original routines and techniques.


This lecture is features more than 35 different segments and explanations. Also included are stories about and including Harry Riser, Jerry Andrus, Chris Capehart, Slydini, his time managing Tom Mullica and the FFFF convention. 


Included in the lecture:

1) Lecture Introduction
2) Bill Wisch Background
3) Why are we here?
4)Theory:What does a potato have to do with magic?
5)Bill on Simplicity: his “formula” for simplicity
6)Flourishes vs Sleights
7)Bill's Close-Up Case and Setup Explained

The Moves:
8)The Double Lift – Theory, Background, Different Double Techniques, 
9)TenKai Palm Vs. Slydini Palm Demonstration
10)The Palm Change
11)Palm Change as Control to the Bottom
12)Gravity Fan
13)Jerry Andrus Color Change
14)Bill's Improvement to the Jerry Andrus Color Change
15)The Wisch-Wedge: Background, creation, demonstration
16)Classic Palm
17)Chromatic Progression (Bill's Color Change Routine)
18)One-Hand Top Palm
19)Frank Kelly Master Move
20)Slydini's Oil and Water using the Wisch-Wedge
21)Bill's “Delayed Double Lift”
22)Bill's “Psy-Classic Force”
23)Bill's “Swivel Exchange” Force
24)Wisch Fold
25)Irv Weiner's Simplicity Job Variation Number 1
26)Double Take Monte Demonstration
27)Bill discusses his “Royal Redo” 
28)Bill's Tip Clip
29)Tip Clip Color Change
30)Bill's Penny Paddle Routine
31)The no-nonsense knot
32)Slydini's Ring Routine with Mini Rings
33)Bill's Bluff Pickup Force
34)Bill's Variation of Derek Dingle's Fan Force
35)Bill Simon's Sleightly Sensational using the Wisch Wedge 


Runs approx 1hr and 52 minutes. Product is a "Data" DVD containing one 2.3 GB video file of the lecture.  You can choose to play the files on your computer, or you can choose to play them in your Blu-Ray/DVD Drive. Please select to view "videos" as the type of media when disc is inserted into player. Please try to ensure compatibility before purchase if you want to view on a DVD Player that is very old.

"The Killer Set" DVD

This is "The Killer Set" DVD that sold out on the 2019 Slydini Inspiration Tour. 

"Got your new DVD, “The Killer Set” in the mail a couple of days ago, Bill. Finished watching it last night and it’s fantastic! All of the effects are really strong and practical. Love the I.A.C.A.A.N.! And the bonus Overhand Shuffle System. A lot of great material and subtleties jam packed in here. Thanks!" - Scott Orlando

What's In the Killer Set?


ICAAN (Impromptu Card At Any Number)

This is Bill's Version of "ACAAN" and to his knowledge the only version that requires no gimmicks, set-up deck or props besides a normal, or borrowed, standard deck of playing cards.

"Slydini's Helicopter Card - Stand-Up Version"

This is Bill's stand-up version of the Slydini classic. It embodies the spirit of the original effect while allowing the performer to do the effect stand up.

"Stand-Up One Coin Routine"

This is Bill's one coin routine which he has performed literally thousands of times and was inspired by Slydini's seated version. 

"X Box"

The effect showcases the "Wisch Fold" and its many uses. The spectator selects any card and signs it. The card is openly put back into the deck and the deck put into the card box. The box is closed and placed onto the spectator's hand. The card "folds itself in the deck" while inside the card box!


"The Wisch-Craft, Overhand Shuffle System"

This system contains the basics of a powerful and effective system that enables an entire deck of cards, top card/cards or bottom card/cards, to be under complete control, in a totally natural and convincing fashion. 

The Wisch-Wedge DVD
"The Wisch Wedge Card Control Techniques"
(formerly, "The Phan-thumb Techniques")
by Bill Wisch

Dai Vernon, Slydini, Larry Jennings, Charlie Miller, Harry Riser and many others have said that these card-control techniques are the most natural they have ever seen.


"Bill's 'Wisch Wedge' as applied to an 'Oil & Water" routine gives Rene's routine a run for the money." ---Jon Racherbaumer

This 60 minute DVD is a transfer from the original VHS Cassette, made in conjunction with "Magician's Video Network" in 1993. It includes the basic Slydini "Oil and Water" Routine, a "knock-out" double color-change and two other, outstanding effects. 

The crux of the DVD is "The Wisch Wedge" (named by Jon Racherbaumer), a totally original and ground-breaking, gripping technique (Wandering Edges Deceptively Gripped Evenly) that enables standard false counts, double lifts, multiple lifts and numerous other difficult handlings to be carried out more cleanly and naturally than ever thought possible. 

Finally, this DVD introduces the first ever, 'front-face' handling of the Elmsley (Ghost) Count, which widely opens up, to larger audiences, the ability to witness and enjoy many amazing packet effects never before practical in cabaret or platform situations. 

Slydini Paper Balls In Box Stand-up/Torn Restored Napkin DVD

This personal lesson DVD includes:

"Paper Balls, Box and Wand" which is Bill's stand up version of Slydini's Paper Balls To the Box; suitable for stage and platform use. 

Also included is the powerful "Slydini Torn and Restored Napkin" including the "Slydini Switch."

"Slydini - The Lecture" Notes

"I thought I knew the Slydini material, but there were tricks here that are new to me. People who learn this material would possess a repertoire they would use for decades." - Karl Fulves

Includes: "Timing Techniques System" by Bill Wisch. Considered by many to be the quickest, simplest and most practical method ever devised for learning sleight-of-hand. 

"The Palm Change" 

"The Palm Change" was created in 1975 and was a big hit on my Slydini tours in the 1970's. It fooled everybody (and still does). This revised and updated booklet has extremely clear illustrations, allowing you to learn what many have called "one of the most deceptive card controls ever."

The Palm Change has many applications and unlimited potential. Used with Slydini's "Helicopter Card", it is devastating. 

"Sleightly Out of My Mind"
Lecture Notes

This is my most recent lecture before concentrating exclusively on the "Slydini - The Lecture" and "Slydini Inspiration." 

It contains 6 sleights/sleight substitutes, 5 effects, 2 routines and lots of subtleties. 

You'll enjoy this! 

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