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World-Class, Award Winning, Sleight of Hand Magic from New Jersey Magician Bill Wisch; Tony Slydini's only officially authorized and formally sponsored Protege.

"To my knowledge, Bill Wisch is the only Slydini student to conceptualize and internalize Slydini's magic to fit their own style."
Karl Fulves

Slydini - The Legacy

Tony Slydini is considered by magicians to be one of the two finest 20th-century performers, teachers, lecturers and creators of artistic sleight-of-hand magic.


Bill is the only person Slydini gave permission to lecture on his original routines and techniques. Slydini's close relationship with Bill has been widely written about and lauded within the magic community. 

The Slydini Legacy is a series of in-depth articles written by Bill that highlights the magic of Slydini and Bill's special relationship with the man who was his friend, teacher and mentor. 

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