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"Surprise!" - Slydini and Bill Wisch Lesson Audio Clip

Bill Wisch Lectures at Smoke and Mirrors Theater, April 20, 2023

If you haven't read my previous entry into "Slydini- The Legacy" entitled, "Surprise!", please read that before listening to the below audio.

As I mentioned in that entry, there was one, and to my knowledge, only one time when Slydini would be loud and make a spectacle of himself. In fact, he would freak out like you never would believe! As an ending to a routine that utilized the Malini Change over and over, Slydini would do the "cards from the mouth." He would yell and scream like a madman!

In the below audio clip taken from "The Slydini Tapes", I ask Tony about the Cards from The Mouth, he shows me some detail and and then he says, "but the best of all is....." I won't spoil the rest for you. Enjoy!



Some of you may have seen that I have decided to do a final Slydini Tour around the US starting in June, 2023. If you have interest in booking that lecture at your local club or group, please reach out to my good friend Scott Wells at

Scott has been graciously helping me to book this tour and it looks to be a wonderful time! I will also be introducing to the magic community my new "Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Helicopter Card Trick" DVD during the tour. Also for sale for the first time at my lectures, will be "Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knots." For more information about both of those releases, please see the trailers below. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the road this summer!

- Bill


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