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"Mixed!" by Bill Wisch

Original Publication Date: May 1998

Slydini was never big on "show-off" moves or "finger-flinging" in general.

He designed everything he did to be economical in motion and simplistic in execution. Due to his razor sharp deftness while carrying out necessary moves in an effect or routine, I believe he would have been one of the world's premier manipulators if he had chosen to go that way. He did what he had to do to get the job done...if it meant an extremely difficult sleight then that's what he created, mastered and used. But his simple, subtle gems of execution are what most magicians fell in love with when he performed them and then disclosed them at a lecture.

This subtle card mixing action is one of his simplest and yet most convincing. Also, anyone, at any level can do this, so you beginners can add this to your arsenal ASAP. And I can attest to the fact that it also works very well for the experienced performer in situations that are is totally believable.

Consider this: You spread out a deck of cards on a tabletop and proceed to mix them around like a tossed salad (not quite "tossing" the cards but mixing them vigorously and completely). The spectator can even help you mix them! When you're done (and you can go as long as you want) you pick up the cards and assemble them together squaring them up. A known or force card will be at the top or bottom of the deck...or at any position you choose!

Believe me...I saw him do this quite a few times and the impression on the spectators is that there is no way any cards did not get totally mixed. It's about as fair and dramatic a way to convince an audience that a bunch of cards are totally shuffled. Preceding any card discovery or force it is unsurpassed.


Let's say you know the top card of the deck (could just as well be bottom) for a force or just to keep track of as needed. As you sprawl the cards onto the table, face down, keep you eye on the card. Now whenever you mix you first place the tip of the right little finger on top of the card. That's it! As long as you keep contact of the card, whether it's on top or somewhere in the middle of the mess of cards being mixed, you will not lose track of it. Try it! It's an awesome way to keep track of a card under literally impossible conditions. There's no way the audience can see you're trying to control a card because the card goes in and out of view...besides they're not even looking for such a thing at this point.

Naturally, when you're done mixing you just sight the card once again. Now when you assemble the deck you just make sure this card goes where you want it to go...on top, many from the top, or whatever.

I am sure some of you will experiment with this and try to embellish it using more than one card or both hands for two cards or something else but I have tried it and it doesn't seem to be nonchalant unless you just focus on one card only. Slydini used it just the way I described.

This strategy can be used for any number of effects. It fills time...convinces the audience and, most of all, is easy so you can concentrate on the mixing instead of the card. It's typical Slydini (he was one sly dude!).



I am thrilled to announce that Scott Wells of The Magic Word Podcast and my father, Bill Wisch, have again teamed up to bring you a FREE one-time only 1 hr lecture on Slydini's Magic. This lecture is only the second virtual lecture Bill has done; the first being more than two years ago in April, 2020. The lecture will be streamed live on The Magic Word Podcast Facebook Page and the TexasMagician YouTube page on Tuesday May 10, 2022 starting at 7:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5).

Links to where the lecture will be broadcast:

The lecture will feature demonstration and discussion of the following:

1-Slydini's Psychological Coins Through - w/Audio Clip

"Modern Coin Magic"

2-The Slydini Aces w/Audio Clip & The Slydini Switch

"The Magical World of Slydini" - How it got in the book.

3-Slydini's Coins Across - ("Gemini Coins")

"The Magical World of Slydini"

4- Selected Effect: "Slydini's Hindu Delay"

From "The Slydini Legacy" Blog - Launched February 17, 2022

Located on the website:

Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knots 2-Disc DVD Set:

The lecture also marks the launch and release of the highly anticipated 2-disc DVD set: "Bill Wisch's Definitive Lesson on Slydini's Knots." The DVD trailer will be released live during the lecture. There will be a discounted introductory price offered as well as a New Products and Lecture Special Sale.

Slydini's Knotted Silks routine is one of the most legendary routines in the history of magic. In this 2 DVD set, Bill Wisch teaches Slydini's Knots for the first time the as well as the Houdini Knots and the Silks and Glasses routine. Bill is Tony Slydini's only authorized and sponsored protege. He is the only person that Slydini gave permission to lecture on Slydini's original routines and techniques.

This DVD set features the basic Slydini Knots routine, the Houdini Knots and the Silks and Glasses routine. Multiple camera angles are used and every possible aspect of these routines is discussed in-depth. Secrets and methods that were not included in the Slydini books are also included. Runs approx 1hr and 50 minutes.


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